Comprehensive Geological Solutions
Engineering and geological surveys:
Engineering and geological surveys are a complex of works aimed at studying the geological structure of a site, its physical and mechanical properties, and hydrogeological conditions. This data is used for the design of buildings and structures, as well as for assessing their stability.
Geodetic Works:
The measurement of coordinates and heights of points on the ground is a process of determining the location of points on the Earth's surface. This information is used to create maps and plans, as well as to determine the boundaries of land plots.
Environmental Surveys:
Studying the environmental condition of a site. These data are used to assess the impact of construction or economic activities on the environment, as well as to develop nature conservation measures.
Geophysical Investigations:
Studying the geological structure of the Earth's crust using geophysical methods. These methods are used for the exploration of valuable minerals as well as for investigating geological hazards.
Well Drilling:
Drilling wells for various purposes, such as water supply, heating, sewage, and also for prospecting valuable minerals.
Laboratory Testing:
Conducting laboratory studies of soils, water, and other materials. These studies are used to determine their physico-mechanical properties and to assess their chemical composition.

3D Scanners:
We offer a wide range of 3D scanning systems..
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