Engineering-geological surveys are a set of activities aimed at studying the geological structure of a site, its physico-mechanical properties, and hydrogeological conditions. This data is used for the design of buildings and structures, as well as for assessing their stability.
Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for engineering-geological surveys, including:
  1. Reconnaissance survey: collection and analysis of existing materials on the geology and engineering-geological conditions of the site.
  2. Fieldwork: drilling wells, excavation, geophysical surveys, sampling of soil and water.
  3. Laboratory research: determination of the physico-mechanical properties of soils, chemical composition of water.
  4. Office processing of materials: compilation of engineering-geological sections, maps, reports.
We perform engineering-geological surveys for:
  • Construction of buildings and structures: residential houses, industrial facilities, infrastructure projects.
  • Reconstruction and major repairs of existing objects.
  • Development of mineral deposits.
  • Assessment of the impact of construction on the environment.
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