Geodetic works involve a set of activities aimed at determining the coordinates and heights of points on the ground. These works are used for creating maps and plans, as well as for establishing the boundaries of land plots.
Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for geodetic works, including:
  1. Topographic survey: creating topographic plans and maps that depict the terrain relief, the layout of buildings and structures, engineering communications, and other objects.
  2. Geodetic support for construction: laying out the project on the ground, monitoring the geometric parameters of constructed objects, executive surveying.
  3. Land plot demarcation: determining the boundaries of land plots on the ground, surveying and marking.
  4. Geodetic layout in the field: marking the axes of buildings and structures, points of engineering communications on the ground.
  5. Cadastral works: preparing cadastral plans, technical plans, survey reports.
We perform geodetic works for:
  • Construction companies: to ensure accuracy and safety in construction.
  • Private individuals: for determining land plot boundaries, demarcation.
  • Government agencies: for creating maps and plans, cadastral accounting.
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