Environmental surveys are a set of activities aimed at studying the condition of the environment at a specific site. This data is used to assess the impact of construction or economic activities on the environment and for the development of nature conservation measures.
Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for environmental surveys, including:
  1. Environmental engineering surveys: studying the condition of soil, water, air, and the flora and fauna.
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): predicting potential negative consequences of construction or economic activities on the environment.
  3. Development of nature conservation measures: designing measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  4. Environmental monitoring: observing the state of the environment during construction or economic activities.
We perform environmental surveys for:
  • Construction companies: to obtain construction permits.
  • Industrial enterprises: for compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Government agencies: for assessing the state of the environment and developing conservation measures.
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